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Table 1 Comparable studies to our work

From: Qualitative investigation of barriers to accessing care by people who inject drugs in Saskatoon, Canada: perspectives of service providers

# of studies Focus of the study in comparison to our work Citation Date
3 Methadone maintenance therapy [3032] 2007, 2007, 1997
1 Aboriginal populations only [33] 2010
1 Needle exchange programs [28] 2012
1 Naloxone for opiate overdose [34] 2006
1 Harm minimization [35] 2005
1 General drug and alcohol use [22] 1991
  1. Literature searches were done on the following databases: Medline, PubMed, Embase, PsycInfo, ProQuest Public Health and Google Scholar. The search terms allied/health occupations, service providers, physicians assistants, intravenous substance abuse, substance-related disorders, attitude of health personnel, health services accessibility and health care delivery were used. The details of the search strategy used and the references for the comparable studies are shown in Additional file 1.