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Table 2 Operationalization of the inclusion criteria for the present review

From: Effectiveness of alcohol prevention interventions based on the principles of social marketing: a systematic review

Inclusion criteria Operationalization
Effects of an alcohol prevention intervention – An included study evaluates the effect of an alcohol prevention intervention.
– The invention is about any kind of alcohol prevention, aimed at increasing desired and healthy alcohol behaviour or at decreasing undesired and unhealthy alcohol behaviour. For example the prevention of the (high-risk) use of alcohol, the prevention of harm caused by alcohol (for example drinking and driving), or changing perceptions about the effect of drinking alcohol.
– There are no age limits to the target group of the intervention.
Intervention developed according to the principles of social marketing – Social marketing consists of eight criteria (as outlined in Table 1). An intervention was developed according to one or more social marketing criteria.
– In the abstract and/or in the full text of the included study, social marketing, or one or more social marketing criteria, were explicitly mentioned.