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Table 6 Sobel statistics and percent mediated. Women

From: The mediating sex-specific effect of psychological distress on the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and current smoking among adults

  Sobel Testa % mediatedb
ACE Test Statistic (SE) p-value  
Emotional −3.36 (0.02) 0.0008 22.0%
Physical −3.29 (0.02) 0.0010 16.8%
Physical −3.01 (0.02) 0.0026 14.0%
Household dysfunction    
Parental sep/div −2.88 (0.01) 0.0040 10.2%
  1. Note. Sobel test and proportion of mediation obtained from linear and logistic regression models adjusted for covariates including age group, race, education, parental smoking during childhood, and alcohol use in past month; P-values drawn from the normal distribution under the assumption of a 2-tailed z-test. The hypothesis is that the mediated effect equals zero.
  2. Excel spreadsheet created by Nathaniel R. Herr (February, 2006), Adopted from Kenny, 2006. Available at:
  3. aSobel test.
  4. bequation (c-c’)/c.