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Table 2 Factor Loadings and Goodness-of-Fit Measures

From: Arabic validation of the Compulsive Internet Use Scale (CIUS)

Item Question Model 1 Model 2
Item 1 Do you find it difficult to stop using the Internet when you are online? 0.58 0.58
Item 2 Do you continue to use the Internet despite your intention to stop? 0.47 0.47
Item 3 Do others (e.g., partner, children, parents) say you should use the Internet less? 0.37 0.37
Item 4 Do you prefer to use the Internet instead of spending time with others (e.g., partner, children, parents)? 0.51 0.51
Item 5 Are you short of sleep because of the Internet? 0.51 0.51
Item 6 Do you think about the Internet, even when not online? 0.58 0.57
Item 7 Do you look forward to your next Internet session? 0.46 0.47
Item 8 Do you think you should use the Internet less often? 0.10 0.12
Item 9 Have you unsuccessfully tried to spend less time on the Internet? 0.24 0.24
Item 10 Do you rush through your (home) work in order to go on the Internet? 0.60 0.61
Item 11 Do you neglect your daily obligations (work, school, or family life) because you prefer to go on the Internet? 0.48 0.46
Item 12 Do you go on the Internet when you are feeling down? 0.41 0.38
Item 13 Do you use the Internet to escape from your sorrows or get relief from negative feelings? 0.45 0.43
Item 14 Do you feel restless, frustrated, or irritated when you cannot use the Internet? 0.64 0.65
χ2/df   2.13 1.53
RMSEA   0.09 0.06