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Table 4 Key features of a good AOD service

From: Treatment utilization and barriers to treatment: Results of a survey of dependent methamphetamine users

Key Features

n % (n = 70)

Supportive staff

39 (56%)

Location (i.e., accessible by public transport, not too far to travel)

15 (21%)

Suitable environment (i.e., calm, clean, quiet)

12 (17%)

Accessible opening hours (i.e., including outside of business hours: evenings and weekends)

12 (17%)

Staff personally experienced with drug use

11 (16%)

Case management

9 (13%)

Immediate/quick appointment (i.e., no waiting lists)

9 (13%)

Accurate information made available

5 (7%)

Individually tailored treatment, with multiple treatment options and client input

5 (7%)