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Table 1 Stakeholders included in the key informant interviews

From: The development of Tobacco Harm Prevention Law in Vietnam: stakeholder tensions over tobacco control legislation in a state owned industry

Stakeholder Represented interests
National Assembly Office (NAO) Legislative branch
Government Office (GO) Executive branch
Department of Propaganda and Training, Communist Party (DPT) Party
Bureau of Treatment and Examination, MOH (MOH-TE) Ministry (public health)
Bureau of Legislation, MOH (MOH-L) Ministry (health-related law)
Vietnam Steering Committee on Smoking and Health (VINACOSH) Ministry (tobacco control)
Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) Ministry (industry, economics)
Ministry of Finance (MOF) Ministry (revenue, budget)
Vietnam Public Health Association (VPHA) Academic public health, civil society
World Health Organization (WHO) Multilateral agency
HealthBridge Canada (HBC) International NGO
  1. NB: The abbreviations in Italics represent the informants in the interviews and focus group discussion, and denote quotes from the interviewees in the text.