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Table 2 Rotated factor solution* including items relating to perceptions of parental attitudes towards 'deviant' behaviours

From: An exploratory study of the relationship between parental attitudes and behaviour and young people's consumption of alcohol

How wrong do your parents feel it would be for you to: Factor 1
(Parental attitudes to alcohol and petty crime)
Factor 2 (Parental attitudes to substance use)
Steal something .69  
Pick a fight with someone .78  
Draw graffiti on buildings without permission .72  
Drink alcohol regularly .64  
Play truant from school .62  
Smoke cigarettes   .60
Smoke cannabis   .88
Use drugs like ecstasy. LSD or cocaine   .89
Become pregnant, or get someone pregnant**   
  1. *factor loadings <0.50 are suppressed (i.e. automatically deleted from the table)
  2. **item dropped due to loading on neither factor