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Table 1 Characteristics of the peer-reviewed journals indexed in Medline that have published five or more articles based on the abstracts presented in the 1999 CPDD meeting

From: An analysis of abstracts presented to the College on Problems of Drug Dependence meeting and subsequent publication in peer review journals

Peer-reviewed journal Number of Published articles Country Subject area Mean impact factor, 1999-2005*
Psychopharmacology 37 Germany Psychopharmacology 3.24
Drug and Alcohol Dependence 27 Switzerland Alcoholism; Substance-Related Disorders 2.61
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 16 United States Drug Therapy; Pharmacology 3.87
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 14 United States Behavior/drug effects; Biochemistry; Pharmacology 1.96
Addiction 7 United Kingdom Substance-Related Disorders; Tobacco Use Disorder 2.80
Addictive Behaviors 7 United Kingdom Alcoholism; Behavior; Feeding Behavior; Obesity; Smoking; Substance-Related Disorders 1.26
American Journal on Addictions 7 United States Behavior, Addictive; Substance-Related Disorders 1.37
Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology 7 United States Psychopharmacology 1.66
American Journal of Psychiatry 6 United States Psychiatry 7.05
Journal of Addictive Diseases 6 United States Substance-Related Disorders 1.18
Behavioural Pharmacology 5 United Kingdom Behavior/drug effects; Nervous System/drug effects 2.18
Brain Research 5 Netherlands Brain; Neurology 2.41
European Journal of Pharmacology 5 Netherlands Pharmacology 2.29
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 5 United States Substance-Related Disorders 0.70
  1. *Source: Journal Citation Report® [7]