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Table 1 Variables included in Theory of Planned Behavior Model

From: A national physician survey on prescribing syringes as an HIV prevention measure

- Prescribing sterile syringes is an important tool in stopping the spread
of blood-borne disease among IDUs
- Malpractice insurance should be higher for MDs who prescribe syringes
- It is right to disobey the law for a compelling reason such as preventing an IDU from getting or transmitting HIV
Perceived Control
- No one would ever find out if I prescribed syringes to my IDU patients
- IDUs will use sterile needles if they are made readily available
- There is a legitimate medical reason for IDUs to obtain sterile syringes
- I help the community by prescribing syringes to IDUs
Subjective Norms
- I would feel embarrassed justifying prescribing syringes
- My colleagues believe you should obey law even if you disagree
- People whose opinions I respect would approve of my bending the rules to prevent HIV among
my drug-using patients
- Colleagues whose judgment matters to me would disapprove of my providing syringes to IDU