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Table 6 Perceived substance use problems and treatment use that met DSM-IV criteria for a past-year alcohol or other drug use disorder

From: Substance abuse, treatment needs and access among female sex workers and non-sex workers in Pretoria, South Africa

Respondents' Perceived Problems and Use of Treatment Services, Column % Overall
N = 393
Female sex workersa
N = 280
Non-Sex workers
N = 113
χ2 testb
Perceived alcohol problems 41.0 45.7 29.2 0.003
Perceived drug problems 29.3 36.1 12.4 <0.001
Perceived alcohol or drug problem 55.4 63.5 35.7 <0.001
Knew of any alcohol or drug treatment program 18.6 19.3 16.8 0.529
Perceived a need for treatment 63.4 72.9 39.8 <0.001
Wanted to go to treatment 68.2 77.1 46.0 <0.001
Tried but unable to get into treatment in past yearc 2.6 2.9 1.8 0.731e
Received alcohol or drug treatment in the lifetimed 1.8 2.5 0.0 0.200e
  1. a Female sex workers are defined as females who had traded sex for drugs, money, food, or other goods in the past 90 days.
  2. b Pearson chi-square test
  3. c Included having ever called a drug treatment program for information or counseling, having ever received telephone counseling from a drug treatment program, or having ever consulted a traditional healer for drug treatment.
  4. d Included the receipt of treatment from a detox, outpatient alcohol, outpatient drug, outpatient methadone, residential addiction, or jail/prison treatment program.
  5. e Fisher's exact test was used due to expected cell counts < 5.