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Table 6 Decisions regarding drug Use: Percent of students in each group who gave a "drug free" answer.

From: The NARCONON™ drug education curriculum for high school students: A non-randomized, controlled prevention trial

  Control Drug Ed Significance Level
  Baseline N = 524 6-month follow-up N = 418 Baseline N = 434 6-month follow-up N = 390 p valuea
D1 It is clear to my friends that I am committed to living a drug-free life. (percent answering "True") 66.2% 67.5% 60.4% 69.7% 0.048
D2 I have made a final decision to stay away from marijuana. (percent answering "True") 75.4% 76.8% 71.9% 76.2% 0.108
D3 I have decided that I will smoke cigarettes. (percent answering "False") 77.7% 77.5% 77.0% 80.8% 0.008
D4 I plan to get drunk sometime in the next year. (percent answering "False") 52.7% 51.7% 55.1% 61.3% 0.003
  1. aControlling for baseline differences by using an analysis of covariance with a Type III sums of squares