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Table 5 Means of attitudes and beliefs responses at six month follow-up.

From: The NARCONON™ drug education curriculum for high school students: A non-randomized, controlled prevention trial

Attitudes and Beliefs Control Group
N = 421
Drug Ed Group
N = 388
Direction of difference between treatment and control Significance Level
df = 11
  Mean Mean   F p valuea
D1 It is clear to my friends that I am committed to living a drug-free life. 2.56 2.61 More true 1.82 0.048
D2 I have made a final decision to stay away from marijuana. 2.65 2.66 More true 1.55 0.108
D3 I have decided that I will smoke cigarettes. 1.35 1.28 More false 1.33 0.008
D4 I plan to get drunk sometime in the next year. 1.72 1.54 More false 1.65 0.003
How much do you think people risk harming themselves (physically or in other ways) if they...      
D5 smoke one or more packs of cigarettes per day?b 3.61 3.60 Less risk 5.79 <0.001
D6 try marijuana once or twice?b 3.08 3.11 More risk 6.55 <0.001
D7 smoke marijuana regularly?b 3.68 3.54 More risk 9.41 <0.001
D8 take one or two drinks nearly every day?b 2.65 2.59 More risk 2.27 0.010
D9 have five or more drinks once or twice each weekend?b 1.51 1.47 More risk 1.12 0.343
How wrong do you think it is for someone your age to...      
D10 drink beer, wine or hard liquor (for example, vodka, whiskey or gin) regularly? 1.35 1.48 More wrong 3.15 <0.001
D11 smoke cigarettes? 2.45 2.45 More wrong 4.12 <0.001
D12 smoke marijuana? 1.54 1.30 More wrong 1.57 0.102
D13 to use LSD, cocaine, amphetamines or another illegal drug? 1.35 1.48 More wrong 3.96 <0.001
  1. aControlling for baseline differences by using an analysis of covariance with a Type III sums of squares
  2. bThe response "Can't say Drug unfamiliar" was recoded to system missing.