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Table 1 The Parental Monitoring Scale administered during the summer prior to entry into college (n = 1,253).

From: High school drinking mediates the relationship between parental monitoring and college drinking: A longitudinal analysis

Thinking back over your last year in high school... a Mean SD
1. When you got home from school, how often was an adult there within an hour of you getting home? 3.4 1.2
2. When you went to parties, how often was a supervising adult present at the party? 2.4 1.0
3. When you wanted to go to a party, how often did your parents confirm that an adult would supervise the party? 2.4 1.3
4. How often would your parents know if you came home an hour or more late on weekends? 3.7 1.3
5. When you broke a rule set by your parents, for example, coming home past curfew, did your parents take away privileges? 2.9 1.3
6. How often before you went out would you tell your parents when you would be back? 3.8 1.1
7. When your parents were not home, how often would you leave a note for them about where you were going? 3.6 1.3
8. When you went out and your plans unexpectedly changed, how often did you call your parents to let them know? 3.2 1.2
9. When you went out, how often did you let your parents know where you planned to go? 3.7 1.0
  1. a Response Categories: 5 = All of time; 4 = Most times; 3 = Sometimes; 2 = Hardly ever; 1 = Never