22 mg) of buprenorphine to the combination product, dose adjustments may be necessary especially in the later phase of the treatment. We recommend that a transfer from Subutex to Suboxone should be carefully discussed and planned in advance with the patients and after the transfer adverse events should be regularly monitored. With regard of buprenorphine IV abuse, the combination product seems to have a less abuse potential than buprenorphine alone."/>
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Table 1 Background characteristics of the patients (n = 64)

From: A retrospective evaluation of patients switched from buprenorphine (subutex) to the buprenorphine/naloxone combination (suboxone)

Gender, male (n) 52
Age, mean (± SD) 29.9 ± 7
Duration of heroin use (month) mean ± SDa 72.2 ± 94.2
Buprenorphine treatment (days) mean ± SD 63.3 ± 363
Subutex mean daily treatment dose (mg) ± SD 22.9 ± 5.4
  1. a59 patients reported history of heroin use