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Table 1 Sample characteristics

From: Women's childhood and adult adverse experiences, mental health, and binge drinking: The California Women's Health Survey

Sociodemographics % of full sample
Age (mean, SD) 32.6, 13.0
Minority/racial group member 50.2
Not married 45.0
No. children in household 49.6
No education beyond high school 37.4
Not employed 45.4
Income below federal poverty line 17.9
Physical health  
Not pregnant 94.7
Smokes 13.6
Fair/poor health 17.3
Mental health  
PTSD symptoms 6.3
Anxiety symptoms 21.8
Depression symptoms 13.7
Overwhelmed by stress 12.5
Mental health help  
Poor mental health 14.2
Perceived need for mental health help 23.2
Utilized mental health help 9.8
Adult victimization  
Intimate partner violence 9.9
Physically assaulted 19.7
Sexually assaulted 10.6
Death of someone close 29.7
Childhood victimization  
Lived in foster care 3.4
Lived with someone abusing substances 22.3
Lived with someone mentally ill 16.8
Lived with mother victimized by violence 18.4
Lived with someone incarcerated 7.6
Emotionally abused by adult in home 18. 4
Physically assaulted 19.1
Sexually assaulted 11.2