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Table 3 The Karolinska Scales of Personality (KSP) and descriptions of high scores for each scale.

From: A cross-sectional study of personality traits in women previously treated or untreated for alcohol use disorders

Related personality traits KSP scales Description of high scores
Anxiety Somatic anxiety Autonomic disturbances, restless, panicky
  Psychic anxiety Worrying, anticipating, lacking self-confidence
  Muscular tension Tense and stiff, not relaxed
  Psychastenia Easily fatigued, feeling uneasy when urged to speed up
  Inhibition of aggression Lacks ability to speak up and be self-assertive in social situations
Extraversion-introversion Impulsiveness Acting on the spur of the moment, non-planning, impulsive
  Monotony avoidance Avoiding routine, need for change and action
  Detachment Avoiding involvement with others, being withdrawn
Conformity-non-conformity Socialization Positive childhood experiences, satisfied with present life situation
  Social desirability Socially conforming, friendly, helpful or "faking good"
Aggression Verbal aggression Getting into arguments, berating people when annoyed
  Indirect aggression Sulking, slamming doors when angry
  Irritability Irritable, lacking patience
  Guilt Remorseful, ashamed of bad thoughts
  Suspicion Suspicious, distrusting people's motives
  1. Descriptions reprinted with kind permission from Petter Gustavsson.