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Table 1 Weekly Psychiatric Status Rating Scale

From: Impact of parental history of substance use disorders on the clinical course of anxiety disorders

Code Term Criteria
6 Full Criteria, Severe Meets DSM-III-R or RDC criteria for definite criteria, severe symptoms, or extreme impairment in functioning
5 Full Criteria Meets criteria for definite symptoms but no extreme impairment in functioning
4 Marked Does not meet criteria but has major symptoms of impairment from this disorder
3 Partial Recovery Considerable less psychopathologic impairment than full criteria with no more than moderate impairment in functioning, but still has obvious evidence of disorder
2 Residual Either patient claims not to be completely his/her self, or rater notes presence of symptoms in this disorder in no more than mild degree
1 Usual Self Patient is returned to usual self without any residual symptoms of this disorder, but may have significant symptoms from some other condition or disorder; if so, this should be recorded under that condition or disorder