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Table 1 Placement, sources of funds, and funding level (FY 2000) of state level D.A.R.E. programs.

From: Substance abuse prevention infrastructure: a survey-based study of the organizational structure and function of the D.A.R.E. program

State Placement of D.A.R.E. Programa Source(s) of Funds Funding Level in $000s: FY 2000b
Alabama Huntsville P.D. Legislative: general revenue B--$353
Alaska State Troopers Byrne Grantsc, SDFSd, donations A--$98
Arizona AZ Public Safety Grant (Dept. of Health Services), Donations B--$217
Arkansas Blytheville P.D./Criminal Justice Academy Tuitione A--$3
California L.A.P.D. D.A.R.E. America C--$875
Colorado Special Operations Bureau, Aurora Fundraiser B--$125
Connecticut CT. Police Academy Federal grant A--$70
Delaware State Police Drug recovery/forfeiture A--$30
Florida FL Dept. of Law Enforcement Legislative: general revenue B--$393
Georgia GA Bureau of Investigation Legislative: general revenue A--$60
Hawaii Honolulu P.D. SDFS C--$100
Idaho State Police Byrne Grants A--$30
Illinois State Police SDFS C--$1,500
Indiana Private Non-profit: Multiple Assc. Management Fundraiser, Tuition B-$125
Iowa State Patrol Dedicated (Surcharges), Tuition A--$78
Kansas Attorney General's Office Legislative: general revenue B--$160
Kentucky State Police Academy Legislative: general revenue A--$60
Louisiana Private Non-profit: Red River Delta Law Enforcement Planning Legislative: general revenue C--$3,900
Maine Dept. of Public Safety Tuition, Legislative: general Revenue A--$13.5
Maryland MD Police Corrections Training Commission Legislative: general revenue B--$200
Massachusetts Governor's Alliance Against Drugs Dedicated (Tobacco Tax), SDFS C--$4,300
Michigan School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University Byrne Grant, Tuition, Donation C--$502
Minnesota Private Non-profit: D.A.R.E. Minnesota Fundraiser, Donations B--$240
Mississippi Lee County Sheriff's Office Tuition, Byrne Grant A--$60
Missouri Dept. of Public Safety Federal grant, Legislative: general revenue C--$558
Montana Dept. of Justice Donation (United Way) A--$4
Nebraska State Patrol SDFS A--$45
Nevada LV Metro PD Tuition A--$15
New Hampshire State Police Donation (Masons), Fundraiser A--$58
New Jersey Private Non-profit: D.A.R.E.NJ Donations (recyclingf), SDFS C--$1,124
New Mexico Silver City Police/County Sheriff's Office Tuition, D.A.R.E. America A--$16
New York State Div. of Criminal Justice Services Legislative: general revenue B--$300
New York City D.A.R.E. America Corporate Support, Fundraisers C--$1,000
North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations SDFS, Legislative: general Revenue C--$614
North Dakota Fargo PD Local level solicitations Unknown--mostly supported locally
Ohio Private Non-profit: Law Enforcement Foundation Dedicated (Surcharges), SDFS, Donation C--$2,000
Oklahoma Dept. of Public Safety Byrne Grants B--$197
Oregon Dept. of Public Safety Standard Training Dept. of Public Safety Standard Training A--$20
Pennsylvania PA Commission on Crime And Delinquency Legislative: State budget line item, Donations C--$5,200
Rhode Island Newport P.D. SDFS A--$22
South Carolina State Police Legislative: general revenue B--$200
South Dakota Law Enforcement Training Academy Dedicated: Surcharges B--$100
Tennessee Dept. of Safety SDFS A--$78
Texas Center for Safe Communities And Schools SDFS, Tuition B--$400
Utah Private Non-profit: Council for Crime Prevention Legislative: general revenue, SDFS, Drug recovery/Forfeiture A--$75
Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council SDFS, Fundraiser, Donations, Tuition A--$27
Virginia State Police Donations, Legislative: general revenue, SDFS, Forfeiture A--$222
Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission Awaiting new funding source A--$170
Washington, DC U.S. Park Police Park Police Budget (Fed. Govt.) A--$35
West Virginia Charleston P.D. Legislative: general revenue, Dedicated Unknown at the time of survey
Wisconsin Dept. of Justice Drug recovery/Forfeiture B--$100
Wyoming Hot Springs County Sheriff's Office State grant A--$20
  1. aProgram locations are State or Local Government unless noted. bLevel of funding. A = less than $100,000; B = $100,000 – $500,000; C = more than $500,000. cThe Edward Byrne Memorial State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Program, Department of Justice. dFederal government Safe and Drug-Free Schools program. eTuition paid by police departments for training D.A.R.E. officers. fRecycling refers to funds derived from local community clothes and toys recycling programs.