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Table 1 Reasons for alcohol related admissions prior to developing alcoholic liver disease as determined from a retrospective analysis of medical notes in 94 patients with alcohol-induced cirrhosis (total number of admissions).

From: Are the opportunities to prevent alcohol related liver deaths in the UK in primary or secondary care? A retrospective clinical review and prospective interview study

Reason for admission Total number of admissions
Fall/fracture/injury (including head injury) 16
Gastro-intestinal bleed (non-variceal) 12
Drug overdose 11
Loss of consciousness/seizure 7
Abdominal pain due to eg gastritis, peptic ulcer disease 6
Alcohol overdose 4
Oral malignancy 2
Pneumonia 2
Confusion/Wernicke's encephalopathy 2
Oedema 1
TB 1